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Treks in Manali

Mountains Sink you and cause you to have a unique outlook on your being. Himachal in the north is specked with snow-capped trees, and slicing through them are discouraging paths that encapsulate a mountain’s actual appeal. Manali, the lovely high-height resort city settled in the phase of the Himalayan heaps Your outing to this wonderland is insufficient without passing the thrill of Manali visiting. The spot has been named the mountain climber’s heaven around time, experience Nature and enjoy an outing to Manali flawless environs are simply so great. There are countless trekking destinations in and around Manali, like Beas Kund trek, Bhrigu lake trek, Hampta pass trek, Ghepan lake trek, Patalsu peak trek, and Friendship peak trek. Manali is a popular destination for many trekkers. Friendship Peak is one of the famous destinations for treks in Manali. Several Himalayan journeys, setting up camp, and all little experiences near Manali and Solang are part of Blissybest’s focus.

Type Of Treks In Manali

How to reach Solang Valley ?

How to reach Solang Valley from Manali is a question most often asked. But reaching here is not an issue as the place enjoys amazing connectivity from Manali. Himachal tourist buses and local buses are regularly from Manali for Solang. It doesn’t take more than an hour to reach the valley. Tourists often make it a day trip from Manali to Solang and Rohtang valleys.


Ropeway & Ski Center, Solang Valley, Manali, 175131

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